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Album cover artwork and animation commission by the wonderful Junna, released 30.12.2022. As a band that is a real combination of synthwave and Finnish folk music, it was an amazing opportunity to work with them!
Give it a listen on streaming services and Bandcamp!

Steampunk-style Alchemist
An original character I created based off of my love of Steampunk and a hat I found at a market!

Flaming demonic skull
Used as a banner, completed as a quick sketch
A commission for a friend's original werewolf character!
My original character, Vincent, has some personal possessions that I wanted to draw for a while as I was working on his story.
His old wooden and copper hand (left), his new and improved hand of his own design (right), and his favourite pocketwatch that was a gift
ANUBIS (Nov. 2021)
"Ancient God in your style" challenge
Fur and metal painting technical practice

Souls-Like Boss challenge
Corrupted Guardian
Dragon Staff (June 2021)
Scales and crystals technical practice
Trapper (Dec. 2021)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind themed commission
Tilcalar Numralion (May 2022)
My High Elf sorcerer from The Elder Scrolls Online
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