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After decades of work, you have finally gained the ability to manipulate the dice of fate themselves, but such a great power is coveted by the Baron. Now you must use your newfound power against him!
Submission to the Two-Day GMTK 2022 Game Jam based on the theme "Roll of the Dice", made with some friends/uni classmates. Ranked #2903 out of 6165 entries.
I was the one who came up with the original design for the gameplay and mechanics, and then took charge of all of the artwork and animations in the game, also having done the textures for the dice.
After a world was consumed by an unforgiving desert, people made their way underground. A scientific breakthrough allowed nutrients to be absorbed from blood plasma, usually from less than willing participants, dividing man between cattle and predator.
I was the art lead and helped create assets, animate creatures and objects, and had a hand in some coding and designing of scenes.
Play as a (definitely sane) prisoner escaping with his (definitely alive) friend from a space prison using the laser connecting your ankles as a weapon.
Submission to the Two-Day GMTK 2021 Game Jam based on the theme "Joined Together", made with some of my classmates. Ranked #605 out of 5730 entries.
I created and animated the various characters and had a hand in coming up with the game concept.
2D platformer game created for a Juice-and-Satisfaction class - a class focused on what makes a game fun and what are the juicy little details that make a game feel alive and reactive.
As project lead, I created the main character, designed the levels and made most mechanics, animations and artwork.

Work-In-Progress micromanagement puzzle game based on the idea of summoning through the demon hierarchy to eventually stop a plague inflicted upon the kingdom.
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