Catriona "Beast" Barclay
Game Designer | 2D Artist

My name is Catriona Barclay, and I am a 22-year-old Game Designer and self-taught artist!
Bachelor of Game Design from University of Europe for Applied Sciences Berlin, graduated August 2023.​
I was born and raised in Luxembourg, a small country known for having an amazing cultural mixture and acting as a melting pot for different art styles and ideas. I have a passionate love for creating interesting characters, exploring new and unique ideas and designing games and worlds for them to inhabit.
I work with 2D art, voxel and pixel art, basic C# and basic 3D modelling. I use the Unity Engine for games and Adobe Photoshop for my art.

Outside of work, I naturally love playing video games, drawing, reading, and I am a massive music fan of varying genres (mostly metal and folk). I'm a bit of a lore nerd for the Elder Scrolls games and I love conventions and medieval festivals, or anything Steampunk!

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